How does it heal?

Probiotics have proven themselves to be a powerful factor to achieve healthy, balanced and radiant skin. All of our moisturisers contain the live probiotic Lactobacillus plantarum, which is the key ingredient and the rarest essence of our creams. Live probiotic bacteria produce amino peptides which enhance skin barrier, help skin to heal, eliminate pathogens and keep skin healthy. Healthy skin barrier is the foundation of radiant, resilient skin for years to come. Each of us has a unique ecosystem, microbiome

Protecting your glow

A healthy skin barrier not only keeps your skin hydrated and smooth but also helps prevent irritation, inflammation, and premature aging.A healthy and balanced skin microbiome acts as your skin’s natural protective shield from the environmental stressors and bad bacteria.

Healthy microbiome is an important link to your skin health.

Protect your skin

Looking to reduce redness?

Let the alive probiotics do the hard-work and enjoy immediate results.

Nourish the skin protective layer with probiotics

At some point in our lives our skin was perfectly healthy, dewy, smooth, glowing and beautiful. Memory of that state of health still exists in our cells.

Our daily  moisturisers with nature made probiotic Lactobacillus plantarum enhance the microbiome on the skin’s surface and  create an environment in the skin which allows skin to return to that desirable state of health once again.

Our daily moisturisers made in small batches, preservatives free,using natural ingredients.Moisturisers are  light in texture, and easily absorbed.

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  • Sue L.

    Alive4Real is nothing short of amazing. I love that it’s organic and all natural. I’m using it twice a day and I notice a big difference in my skin. Any redness I had is totally gone. My skin looks smoother and healthier!! It’s so fresh, I can’t rave enough about it. Once you try Alive4Real, you’ll never use any other product!

  • Kim S.

    My sensitive skin loves Alive4Real cream!

    I noticed improvement in my very sensitive skin after using Alive4Real twice a day. But when my friends noticed it too,it  confined it even more for me!Alive4Real  is amazing product . My skin loves it!

  • Nancy S.

    I have been seeing Emma for a while to help with the effects of skin cancer from sun exposure. Her expertise and knowledge in this field have greatly improved the redness, sensitivity and overall appearance of my skin. Also her creams are wonderful and show the improvement and healing effect of the lack of over use of preservatives used by big named companies.

  • Galina F.

    I stopped using any kind of makeup on my skin since I had started using AliveReal moisturisers. At a beautiful age of 60 who doesn’t want to have a healthy glowing skin? I do!

    AliveReal moisturisers gave me that outlet to have a healthy looking and feeling skin without any serious procedures. More so I introduced my 20 years old daughter with serious eczema on her face to Alive4Real creams and it worked! Never the less me,and my daughter are a huge fans of Alive 4Real!

  • Irina Frumes

    I was given Alive4Real cream as a gift from a dear friend who has same as me very dry & sensitive skin. I have been using it for a while and loved it!

    After using a cream for a week, I was pleasantly surprised. This stuff works wonderfully! My skin feels nourished, smooth and looks “alive and vibrant” as it promised. My extremely sensitive fair skin can't stand any  synthetic and heavy fragrances.  I love that cream  based on natural probiotic without any preservatives! Thank you so much for this amazing  product! 

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How it started

As an aesthetician I have been treating skin for a long time. Through the years I had the chance to help many clients find back to their glowing skin through made-to-order creams.

Through Alive4Real we want to make our clients results accessible to everybody.