Are probiotics good for the skin and, if so, which probiotic is best?

Are probiotics good for the skin and, if so, which probiotic is best?

The skin is the largest organ in the body, and plays an important role in protecting us from the environment as well as interfacing with our immune system.  Live microorganisms on the skin’s surface, called microbiomes, are involved in this process.  Some microorganisms keep our skin acidic, which counters the impact of harmful bacteria.  Others act like antibiotics to prevent inflammation.  Probiotics are substances that stimulate the growth of these beneficial microorganisms.

Facial creams with live probiotics integrate with and work alongside microbiomes, establishing a healthy barrier on the surface of the skin.  In this way, conditions like redness, inflammation, and dryness can be avoided.  A diverse microbiome, key in maintaining healthy skin, can be improved upon by using probiotic creams.

The stability of probiotics in facial creams is compromised or destroyed when in contact with air and water.   Many commercially available creams contain preservatives to prolong the life of the product.  The drawback to certain preservatives known as allergens, and more specifically parabens, is that they can trigger allergic reactions in some people.  Using a probiotic cream containing no preservatives will avoid any such reaction.  However, the shorter shelf life of a preservative-free probiotic cream, while guaranteeing freshness, challenges its viability. Rather than packaging creams in open-and-close jars, the solution is an air-free pump container which preserves freshness and retains the active, stable nature of a probiotic.

Our Alive4Real probiotic face creams contain on average 2100000 cfu/g of Lactobacillus Plantarum.  Recent studies have shown that this strain of probiotic is best for the skin.  Lactobacillus Plantarum improves uneven skin tone, increases hydration, deters ultraviolet damage, and promotes collagen synthesis and elasticity while reducing the depth of wrinkles.  To ensure proper vitality in the Alive4Real formula, laboratory tests are periodically conducted.  In addition, Alive4Real is preservative free and packaged in air-free pump containers.   

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