The cream's rarest essence lives in probiotics

What is  skin microbiome and why microbiome important for skin health?

Microbiome is the community of microorganisms that live in the human body and play important role in strengthening our immune systems, producing anti-inflammatory substances , regulating digestive systems and keeping our skin healthy.

Disturbance of the balance due to an alteration in the skin microbial communities, namely, dysbiosis, leads to various skin disorders: ace, sensitivity, itchiness rosacea, eczema,  skin infections and chronic wounds.

Similar to the microbial flora of the intestinal tract, the skin microbiota play an essential role in defence against invading pathogens and in the education of immune system. Bacteria living on our skin has  different functions. Some bacteria help keep our skin acidic, which many harmful germs don’t like.Some  microbes act like a natural antibiotic.  Skin  is covered with all kind of bacteria even harmful ones .In balanced system, they simply live alongside other microorganisms and they don’t cause diseases.

We don’t have to worry about skin problems ,if our microbiome has stability balance and diversity.

Bacteria in the gut plays important role in our health. Some  gut bacteria produce vitamin K in form our body needs it, then our body pass it on to the liver to use it to build clotting factors that stop bleeding when we injure ourselves.Another gut bacteria produce serotonin.Serotonin ensures that our moods remain stable and we feel less anxious. Roughly 30 precent of all metabolic products in our blood are of microbial origin.

To keep our skin  microbiome healthy daily moisturisers with live probiotics can help. Check our  collection of  daily moisturisers with live probiotics.  Probiotics in moisturisers keep skin microbiome  balanced and prevent overgrows of harmful bacteria on our skin.

 Probiotic means good bacteria.Word ‘Probiotic” is derived from the Greek/Latin word “pro” and the Greek word “bios,” meaning “of life”.

Emma Belitsky

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