About Alive4Real

Alive4Real is a woman owned and operated company run by Emma Belitsky.  

Emma is a licensed esthetician with thirty  years of experience. With Alive4Real, she has developed a line of made-to-order, natural creams with probiotics to help people develop and maintain beautiful, healthy and vibrant skin.

Throughout her career as an esthetician, she has been observing and treating many different skin conditions and has concluded that, for beautiful skin, there needs to be a healthy, well-nourished microbiome living on the skin’s protective, outer layer.

The Alive4Real skin creams are made-to-order in tiny batches and contain probiotics which support the skin’s microbiome. The remaining ingredients, to protect and nourish the skin’s surface, are all natural and derived from plants. There are no preservatives in our moisturizers. The creams are packed in air-free pump containers to preserve their freshness.

Alive4Real products will nourish the outer layer of your skin and support its microbiome. We recommend that you apply them twice daily to enhance your skin’s health, vibrance and beauty.