Customer Testimonials

Our clients love the Alive4Real moisturizing creams with probiotics. Hear what they say about their experience with our creams!

Alive4Real is nothing short of amazing.

I love that it’s organic and all natural. I’m using it twice a day and I notice a big difference in my skin. Any redness I had is totally gone. My skin looks smoother and healthier!! It’s so fresh, I can’t rave enough about it. Once you try Alive4Real, you’ll never use any other product!

- Sue L

My sensitive skin loves Alive4Real cream!

I noticed improvement in my very sensitive skin after using Alive4Real twice a day. But when my friends noticed it too, it confirmed it even more for me! Alive4Real  is amazing product. My skin loves it!

- Kim S


I have been seeing Emma for a while to help with the effects of skin cancer from sun exposure.

Her expertise and knowledge in this field have greatly improved the redness, sensitivity and overall appearance of my skin. Also her creams are wonderful and show the improvement and healing effect of the lack of over use of preservatives used by big named companies.


- Nancy S


I never want to run out of it because I would miss it.

I have been using Alive4Real skincare cream twice a day for several weeks. I have received several compliments about my skin recently, and it must surely be attributable to this cream because I am applying nothing else except sunscreen. Alive4Real cream feels like nourishment, almost as if my skin has been missing it for a long time and is now enjoying the quenching of a hunger or thirst. I love using this cream so much that I apply it to my face and decolletage during the night if I awaken, because it feels so refreshing and nutritious. I never want to run out of it because I would miss it.

- Alison Rosalie Brookes MD